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Reimagining School Finance in Connecticut



When we, as teachers came together to research the underlying issues impacting inequitable school finance and create these recommendations, we started by identifying the values that could serve as a foundation for a better system that would meet our students’ needs.


We want to ensure that all Connecticut students, regardless of background or zip code, have access to the opportunities that meet students’ individual needs.



We must focus on the dignity and potential of all Connecticut students and set aside adult wants.


We are Connecticut teachers, united in the desire to impact policy decisions that affect our children, our neighborhoods and our livelihoods.


We believe information about how we fund our schools should be readily accessible and understandable so that all interested members of our state can engage on this issue.


We acknowledge that it is our collective responsibility to act in the best interest of our children.

For far too long, education policy has been created without a critical voice at the table—the voice of classroom teachers. Educators 4 Excellence (E4E), a teacher-led organization, is changing this dynamic by placing the voices of teachers at the forefront of the conversations that shape our classrooms and careers. E4E has a quickly growing national network of educators united by our Declaration of Teachers’ Principles and Beliefs. E4E members can learn about education policy and research, network with likeminded peers and policymakers, and take action by advocating for teacher-created policies that lift student achievement and the teaching profession.


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